- Na Na Na......
Na Na Na......

Dreams on your horizon
Start to fade away, lost in yesterday
and it´s sad, but it´s not surprising
You´ve been pretty down
Time to lose the frown

And some days you cant feel the beat
You dance and you´ve got to left feet
It´s time to get back in the groove

When you´ve got the weight of the world
On your shoulders
And you feel like giving up on the fight
Don´t you know life got be the worth living
So live it right (you got to live it right)

Oh you gotta have faith; have faith in yourself
You´re a Shining Star
You know who you are
And today is yesterday´s tomorrow

Sometimes you look but you cant see
The wood because of all the trees
It´s time to open up your eyes


Na na na......

Don´t you know there´s only one way
This can go
It´s going my way
Ain´t you glad you changed your point of view

Na na na......

You gotta live it right

Chours: (2x)

Na na na......

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